Flo Kasearu House museum is a sight-specific art project by a contemporary
artist Flo Kasearu (b 1985) in her home, attic, basement and backyard.


The Flo Kasearu House Museum is situated in a cosy wooden
house, very typical for the peaceful milieu in the valuable Tallinn
district of Pelgulinn. The artist opens her home to visitors who
will get an exclusive chance to be part of the creative atmosphere
of the house.

Decades have passed since the Kasearu family left their
house in Pelgulinn, but in 2009 they returned as lawful
owners to take care of the family estate. The house plays
a very important role in Flo Kasearu’s life as it is both
a home and an atelier, offering warmth and a roof to her
family, friends and their creative lives.

Art pieces, a collection of artefacts and an archive are
exhibited for visitors in the eight apartments of the house, as well
as in the attic and basement. In the backyard a pleasant garden
with open air installations and a children’s playing corner can
be found. The museum also houses a functional library.
There is also a museum gift shop.

Museum is opened by appointment!


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